Meet Us at Food Plaza

Meet Us at Food Plaza

Paik Jong-won, the sensational restaurateur, embarks another project to help struggling farmers and facilitate using locally-produced fresh food. Joined by Yang Se-hyeong, Baek Jin-hee, and Jay Park, he develops some recipes using Choongchungbook-do's famous local products: shiitake mushrooms, corn, and peaches. Not only does he make the recipes, but he also cooks and serves himself by setting up a pop-up restaurant at the highway service area. Will the new attempt succeed, bring out customers' positive responses? This program will showcase Paik's knowhows on cooking and restaurant business, as well as observing three celebrity students' cooking skills growing every day.
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Business; Food; Variety;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Yang Se Hyeong (1985)

    Yang Se Hyeong (1985)

  • Kim Hee Cheol (1983)

    Kim Hee Cheol (1983)

  • Kim Dong Joon (1992)

    Kim Dong Joon (1992)

  • Baek Jong Won (1966)

    Baek Jong Won (1966)

  • Baek Jin Hee (1990)

    Baek Jin Hee (1990)

  • Park Jae Beom (1987)

    Park Jae Beom (1987)



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