Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “Memorist” will be a mystery thriller that tells the story of Dong Baek, a detective with supernatural powers who loses his memory, as he stumbles upon a mysterious case of serial murders.
Also Known As: 메모리스트 / Memoriseuteu
Country: Korean
Status: Upcoming
Airs: Mar 11, 2020

Cast more

  • Yoo Seung Ho

    Yoo Seung Ho

  • Lee Se Yeong (1992)

    Lee Se Yeong (1992)

  • Jeon Hyo Seong (1989)

    Jeon Hyo Seong (1989)

  • Cho Seong Ha (1966)

    Cho Seong Ha (1966)

  • Ko Chang Seok

    Ko Chang Seok

  • Yoon Ji On (1995)

    Yoon Ji On (1995)

  • Son Kwang Eop (1970)

    Son Kwang Eop (1970)

  • Kim Yoon Hee (1979)

    Kim Yoon Hee (1979)

  • Kim Seo Kyeong (1985)

    Kim Seo Kyeong (1985)

  • Im Ji Hyeon (1991)

    Im Ji Hyeon (1991)

  • Jeong Ha Joon (1996)

    Jeong Ha Joon (1996)

  • Moon Jeong Ki

    Moon Jeong Ki

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