Miss & Mrs. Cops

Miss & Mrs. Cops

Mi Yeong, who used to be considered the Major Crimes Unit’s top cop, is stationed behind a desk after having a baby. She leads uneventful yet peaceful days at handling civil complaints and looking after her son and unemployed husband at home. One day, an overly enthusiastic detective Ji Hye, is consigned to Mi Yeong’s team, and they bicker over every little thing from the moment they meet. In fact, they are sisters-is-law, and neither are happy about sitting next to each other all day in the same office. But differences are pushed aside when a woman who came to file a report gets run over in front of Mi Yeong and Ji Hye. They discover that the woman is the victim of ‘spy cam porn’ and has been threatened it would go up on a community site in 3 days. The two cops take the case to the relevant powers, but due to workload, no one can handle it in time. Ji Hye’s burning passion for justice rekindles Mi Yeong’s sense of duty, and the two decide to take matters into their own hands.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Ra Mi Ran (1975)

    Ra Mi Ran (1975)

  •  Lee Seong Kyeong (1990)

    Lee Seong Kyeong (1990)

  • Yoon Sang Hyeon (1973)

    Yoon Sang Hyeon (1973)

  • Choi Soo Yeong (1990)

    Choi Soo Yeong (1990)

  • Yeom Hye Ran (1976)

    Yeom Hye Ran (1976)

  • Wi Ha Joon (1991)

    Wi Ha Joon (1991)

  • Joo Woo Jae (1986)

    Joo Woo Jae (1986)

  • Kang Hong Seok (1986)

    Kang Hong Seok (1986)

  • Kim Do Wan (1995)

    Kim Do Wan (1995)

  • Jeon Seok Ho (1984)

    Jeon Seok Ho (1984)

  • Jo Byeong Kyoo

    Jo Byeong Kyoo

  • Ahn Chang Hwan (1985)

    Ahn Chang Hwan (1985)

  • Jo Hye Joo (1995)

    Jo Hye Joo (1995)

  • Park So Eun (1996)

    Park So Eun (1996)

  • Lee Jeong Min (1989)

    Lee Jeong Min (1989)

  • So Hee Jeong (1973)

    So Hee Jeong (1973)

  • Kim Joon (2013)

    Kim Joon (2013)

  • Ahn Seong Bong (1989)

    Ahn Seong Bong (1989)

  • Han Seong Cheon (1977)

    Han Seong Cheon (1977)

  • Seo Seok Kyoo (1984)

    Seo Seok Kyoo (1984)

  • Seong Dong Il (1964)

    Seong Dong Il (1964)

  • Ha Jeong Woo (1978)

    Ha Jeong Woo (1978)

  • Ahn Jae Hong (1986)

    Ahn Jae Hong (1986)



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