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Soo Jung has been with her boyfriend for 10 years, but their romance is now nothing but a lukewarm relationship. The night before her business trip to Busan, Soo Jung heard that her friend is getting married to her first love, and feels distracted. On the train to Busan, she sits next to Jae Hyun, who’s claiming himself as an Agapemonite, an obscure Christian sect where men took many spiritual brides, and that he will willingly jump into bed with a woman for one night. Falling for her gorgeous hips, he keeps coming on to her during the journey. She tries to push him away but ends up sharing a car ride to Busan with him due to the sudden breakdown of the train. She begins to slowly open up to him as he consistently tries to win her heart. And as the time passes on the road, she gets to see the true inside of Jae Hyun, hidden behind his featheriness and finds herself attracted to him.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Romance;
Airs: 2016

Cast more

  • Yoo Yeon Seok

    Yoo Yeon Seok

  • Moon Chae Won (1986)

    Moon Chae Won (1986)

  • Jo Jae Yoon (1974)

    Jo Jae Yoon (1974)

  • Park Min Woo

    Park Min Woo

  • Lee Yeon Doo (1984)

    Lee Yeon Doo (1984)

  • Lee Eon Jeong (1977)

    Lee Eon Jeong (1977)

  • Ga Deuk Hi (1984)

    Ga Deuk Hi (1984)

  • Lee Hae Yeong (1970)

    Lee Hae Yeong (1970)

  • Han Cheol Woo (1977)

    Han Cheol Woo (1977)

  • Kim Dae Ryeong (1977)

    Kim Dae Ryeong (1977)

  • Lee Do Yeon (1985)

    Lee Do Yeon (1985)

  • Lee Joo Woo (1990)

    Lee Joo Woo (1990)

  • Lee Jeong Eun (1969)

    Lee Jeong Eun (1969)

  • Jo In Woo (1983)

    Jo In Woo (1983)

  • Kang Soo Jin (1990)

    Kang Soo Jin (1990)

  • Kim Jae Cheol (1982)

    Kim Jae Cheol (1982)

  • Kim Nak Hyeong

    Kim Nak Hyeong

  • Kim Ji Han (1960)

    Kim Ji Han (1960)

  • Kim Seul Gi (1991)

    Kim Seul Gi (1991)

  • Lee Sae Bom

    Lee Sae Bom

  • Moon Se Yoon (1982)

    Moon Se Yoon (1982)

  • Park Soo Ah (1992)

    Park Soo Ah (1992)

  • In Gyo Jin (1980)

    In Gyo Jin (1980)

  • Jo Ah Ra (1984)

    Jo Ah Ra (1984)



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