My Best Summer

My Best Summer

This series follows Geng Geng, a slightly awkward but adorable first year high schooler who feels like she's not smart enough to be at the prestigious Zhen Hua High School. The first day she happens to meet her future deskmate, the brilliant Yu Huai, and although they bicker at first, they soon form a strong friendship. They all become good friends with their classmates and have a strong bond with their teacher, Zhang Ping. Geng Geng also attracts the attention of the school's resident rebel, Lu Xing He, who quickly falls in love with her and isn't shy about announcing his crush to the world.
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Haha He (1999)

    Haha He (1999)

  • Arthur Chen (2000)

    Arthur Chen (2000)

  • Kara Hui (1960)

    Kara Hui (1960)

  • Zhou Chu Chu (1986)

    Zhou Chu Chu (1986)

  • Fang Wen Qiang (1990)

    Fang Wen Qiang (1990)

  • Gao Wen Feng (1989)

    Gao Wen Feng (1989)

  • Chen Shuai (1994)

    Chen Shuai (1994)

  • Silence Wang (1989)

    Silence Wang (1989)

  • Dong Li (1993)

    Dong Li (1993)



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