My Goddess, My Mother

My Goddess, My Mother

Jin Bo becomes a Chinese daughter in law and begins her life in a Chinese family with her mother-in-law Xu Man Li, who’s described as “prickly as a cactus.” Because of cultural and educational background differences, they clash and have a string of misunderstandings and arguments but Jin bo is a straight up, no nonsense girl and is the one that the Chinese grandma favors. Both daughter and mother-in-law are kindhearted with only the best intentions for the family and in the end they resolve their differences and live happily ever after.
Also Known As: 나의 여신, 나의 어머니 , 我的思密达女神
Country: Chinese
Status: Upcoming
Genres: Family; Romance;
Airs: Dec 31, 2019

Cast more

  • Lee Da Hae

    Lee Da Hae

  • Jung Gyu Woon (1982)

    Jung Gyu Woon (1982)

  • Liu Xiao Xiao

    Liu Xiao Xiao

  • Hwang Saem

    Hwang Saem

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