My Story for You (2018)

My Story for You (2018)

In 1998, Zhang Changgong gets his first taste of success as a developer in an IT company. At the same time, he meets and falls in love with Li Muzi, a kind and intelligent university student. Unfortunately, the IT industry soon faces an economic crisis, and Zhang Changgong is left unemployed. With the help of his friends and family, Changgong faces the challenges head-on, and eventually becoming a top-selling author.

To court her, he wrote 137 love letters in a year, exceeding 1 million Chinese characters. To guard her, he created 16 novels with more than 40 million words, working a wonder of internet literature. This is the love story that unfolded for 16 years already between Tang Jian Shao and his wife.

Adapted from the novel with the same title written by Tang Jia San Shao.

Director: Lin Yan [林妍]

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2018

Cast more

  • Zheng Shuang

    Zheng Shuang

  • Luo Jin

    Luo Jin

  • Zhang Yi Shang (1996)

    Zhang Yi Shang (1996)

  • Li Yi Yi

    Li Yi Yi

  • Qin Yi Ming

    Qin Yi Ming

  • Vernon Jin (1988)

    Vernon Jin (1988)

  • Kong Lin (1969)

    Kong Lin (1969)

  • Luo Gang (1965)

    Luo Gang (1965)

  • Yang Jin Cheng

    Yang Jin Cheng

  • Pang Han Chen (1990)

    Pang Han Chen (1990)

  • Du Zhi Guo (1954)

    Du Zhi Guo (1954)

  • Sun Jia Ling (1995)

    Sun Jia Ling (1995)

  • Kid Young (1989)

    Kid Young (1989)

  • Li Yun Ao (1992)

    Li Yun Ao (1992)

  • Gao Shu Guang (1964)

    Gao Shu Guang (1964)

  • Cai Gang

    Cai Gang

  • Yu Zhi Hui (1996)

    Yu Zhi Hui (1996)

  • Huang Jing Yu (1992)

    Huang Jing Yu (1992)



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