Mysterious Personal Shopper

Mysterious Personal Shopper

This drama tells the story of the love, friendship and betrayal between two women: Hong Se Yeon (Park Ha Na) and Eun Kyung Hye (Wang Bit Na). Hong Se Yeon works as a personal shopper. She is outgoing and a positive person, but she is betrayed by people whom she loved. She begins to take revenge on those who betrayed her. Meanwhile, Eun Kyung Hye is the only child of a CEO. Her life looks perfect, but she has a fear that she will get abandoned. Because of her fear, she has an impulse control disorder and gets compulsive.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: melodrama; Mystery;
Airs: 2018

Cast more

  • Choi Myeong Gil (1962)

    Choi Myeong Gil (1962)

  • Park Ha Na (1985)

    Park Ha Na (1985)

  • Wang Bit Na

    Wang Bit Na

  • Han Sang Jin (1977)

    Han Sang Jin (1977)

  • Lee Eun Hyeong (1983)

    Lee Eun Hyeong (1983)

  • Lee Han Wi (1961)

    Lee Han Wi (1961)

  • Jeong Soo Yeong (1982)

    Jeong Soo Yeong (1982)

  • Kim Ki Doo (1982)

    Kim Ki Doo (1982)

  • Kim Ji Seong (1996)

    Kim Ji Seong (1996)

  • Jo Yi Hyeon (2010)

    Jo Yi Hyeon (2010)

  • Lee Ho Jae (1941)

    Lee Ho Jae (1941)

  • Lee Kwan Hoon (1980)

    Lee Kwan Hoon (1980)

  • Bae Noo Ri (1993)

    Bae Noo Ri (1993)

  • Yoo Seo Jin (1977)

    Yoo Seo Jin (1977)


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