Nina My Love (Itoshi no Nina)

Nina My Love (Itoshi no Nina)

The story centers around a high school boy who fell in love at first sight with a girl, then finds out that his best friend kidnapped the girl he loves.
Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Romance; School;
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Okada Kenshi (1999)

    Okada Kenshi (1999)

  • Hotta Mayu (1998)

    Hotta Mayu (1998)

  • Mochizuki Ayumu (2000)

    Mochizuki Ayumu (2000)

  • Nagami Rea (2002)

    Nagami Rea (2002)

  • Kasamatsu Sho (1992)

    Kasamatsu Sho (1992)