Never Twice

Never Twice

"No Second Chances" follows people at the Paradise Inn, located in the middle of Seoul.

Gam Poong Ki stays in room 5 at the Paradise Inn. He has an attractive appearance and a good sense of humor.

Bang Eun Ji stays in room 6. She is single and with a beautiful appearance. She is honest and has warm heart.

Geum Bak Ha stays in room 4. She came from a small village by the sea. She has a bright personality.

Meanwhile Na Hae Joon is the successor of the Koosung Hotel, a five-star hotel. He is the grandson of the hotel's chairman. Koosung Hotel is located across the street from the Paradise Inn.

Also Known As: 두 번은 없다 / Du Beon-eun Eobsda / No Second Time / No Second Chances / Never Again / There Are No Two Times in Life
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Drama; Romance;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Yoon Yeo Jeong (1947)

    Yoon Yeo Jeong (1947)

  • Joo Hyun (1941)

    Joo Hyun (1941)

  • Oh Ji Ho (1976)

    Oh Ji Ho (1976)

  • Ye Ji Won (1973)

    Ye Ji Won (1973)

  • Kwak Dong Yeon (1997)

    Kwak Dong Yeon (1997)

  • Park Se Wan

    Park Se Wan

  • Park Ah In (1985)

    Park Ah In (1985)

  • Song Won Seok (1988)

    Song Won Seok (1988)

  • Han Jin Hee (1949)

    Han Jin Hee (1949)

  • Park Joon Keum (1962)

    Park Joon Keum (1962)

  • Hwang Yeong Hee (1969)

    Hwang Yeong Hee (1969)

  • Jeong Seok Yong (1970)

    Jeong Seok Yong (1970)

  • Go Soo Hee (1976)

    Go Soo Hee (1976)


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