Not Quite Dead Yet

Not Quite Dead Yet

Nanase Nobata is in her final year of University. She lives with her father Kei despite their strained relationship. Her father is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. One day, her father takes a drug which is supposed to temporarily kill him and bring him back to life after two days. His aim was to figure out who is trying to steal key company secrets. However, something goes wrong and Kei comes back as a ghost. Nanase tries to restore his life with the help of Taku Matsuoka who works at Kei's pharmaceutical company.
Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Family; Thriller;
Airs: 2020

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  • Hirose Suzu (1998)

    Hirose Suzu (1998)

  • Yoshizawa Ryo (1994)

    Yoshizawa Ryo (1994)

  • Tsutsumi Shinichi (1964)

    Tsutsumi Shinichi (1964)

  • Lily Franky (1963)

    Lily Franky (1963)

  • Ozawa Yukiyoshi (1974)

    Ozawa Yukiyoshi (1974)