Ode To The Goose

Ode To The Goose

Yoon-yeong has been harboring feelings for Song-hyeon, a friend’s wife. When he finds out that she is divorced, Yoon-yeong and Song-hyeon take a trip to Gunsan on a whim. They find lodging at an inn where the middle-aged owner lives with his autistic daughter who does not leave her room. The four become star-crossed lovers in the city of Gunsan.

It's influenced from the original "A Singing Gooses."

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama;
Airs: 2018

Cast more

  • Park Hae Il

    Park Hae Il

  • Moon So Ri

    Moon So Ri

  • Park So Dam

    Park So Dam

  • Jeong Jin Yeong (1964)

    Jeong Jin Yeong (1964)

  • Park Yeong

    Park Yeong

  • Moon Sook (1954)

    Moon Sook (1954)

  • Myeong Gye Nam (1952)

    Myeong Gye Nam (1952)

  • Lee Won Jin (1985)

    Lee Won Jin (1985)

  • Baek Hyeon Jin (1972)

    Baek Hyeon Jin (1972)

  • Kwak Ja Hyeong (1976)

    Kwak Ja Hyeong (1976)

  • Lee Mi Sook (1960)

    Lee Mi Sook (1960)

  • Yoon Je Moon (1970)

    Yoon Je Moon (1970)

  • Kim Hee Jeong (1970)

    Kim Hee Jeong (1970)

  • Jeong Eun Chae (1986)

    Jeong Eun Chae (1986)

  • Han Ye Ri (1984)

    Han Ye Ri (1984)

  • Kwon Tae Won

    Kwon Tae Won

  • Lee Myeong Haeng (1976)

    Lee Myeong Haeng (1976)

  • Andy Kim (1990)

    Andy Kim (1990)

  • Jang Keun Yeong (1987)

    Jang Keun Yeong (1987)



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