School 2020

School 2020

Na Geum Young is a seventeen-year-old student at a vocational high school with a major in cooking, whose father owns a karaoke room on the outskirts of the town. Kim Tae Jin, a former Taekwondo athlete that won a bronze medal as a junior representative in the Korean National Sports Festival. After a severe ankle injury and the failure of his father’s business, he quit Taekwondo and transferred to a vocational high school. Although he speaks and acts like a grown adult, he is an innocent high schooler who does not know what to do when he meets the girl he likes.

The story follows the life and growth of Na Geum Young and Kim Tae Jin as they go through the course of becoming adults.

Director: Han Sang Woo [한상우]

Country: Korean
Status: Upcoming
Genres: Drama; Romance; School; Youth;
Airs: Dec 31, 2020

Cast more

  • Kim Yo Han (1999)

    Kim Yo Han (1999)

  • Kim Sae Ron (2000)

    Kim Sae Ron (2000)

  • Son Joo Yeon (Eunseo - Cosmic Girls) (1998)

    Son Joo Yeon (Eunseo - Cosmic Girls) (1998)

  • Kim Min Cheol (2000)

    Kim Min Cheol (2000)

  • Yoo Seon Ho (2002)

    Yoo Seon Ho (2002)

  • Do Ji Won (1966)

    Do Ji Won (1966)

  • Kim Hyeon Bin (2004)

    Kim Hyeon Bin (2004)

  • Jeon Seong Woo (1987)

    Jeon Seong Woo (1987)

  • Shin Hye Jeong (1993)

    Shin Hye Jeong (1993)

  • Ko Chang Seok

    Ko Chang Seok


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