Perfect Proposal

Perfect Proposal

While running a travel agency in Macau, Ji Yeon is ripped off by her business partner. One day, the attractive and benevolent Sung Yeol gives her an irresistible offer: $5,000 monthly salary to live on a luxurious yacht and assist the chairman of Cenado, a prominent shipping and casino operator company. Without another option to fall back on, she complies and nurses the ailing chairman, who is impossible to deal with. Ji Yeon slowly gains the attention of both Sung Yeol and the chairman and wavers between an opportunity that will secure her future and love. As tension rises among these figures on the yacht, no one can predict its outcome.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2015

Cast more

  • Im Soo Jeong (1979)

    Im Soo Jeong (1979)

  • Yoo Yeon Seok (1984)

    Yoo Yeon Seok (1984)

  • Lee Kyeong Yeong (1960)

    Lee Kyeong Yeong (1960)

  • Park Cheol Min (1967)

    Park Cheol Min (1967)

  • Min Do Hee

    Min Do Hee

  • Jin Kyeong (1972)

    Jin Kyeong (1972)

  • Kaya Enes (1984)

    Kaya Enes (1984)

  • Lee Mahbub (1978)

    Lee Mahbub (1978)

  • Lee Jong Woo (1970)

    Lee Jong Woo (1970)

  • Shin Yong Hoon

    Shin Yong Hoon

  • Kwak Min Ho (1984)

    Kwak Min Ho (1984)

  • Im Dae Il (1966)

    Im Dae Il (1966)

  • Jo Yoon Woo

    Jo Yoon Woo

  • Seong Min Soo (1965)

    Seong Min Soo (1965)

  • Lee Yeong Cheol (1976)

    Lee Yeong Cheol (1976)

  • Cha Seung Ho (1980)

    Cha Seung Ho (1980)

  • Park Ji Hong (1986)

    Park Ji Hong (1986)

  • Bae Jin Woong (1982)

    Bae Jin Woong (1982)

  • Lee Kyoo Ho (1985)

    Lee Kyoo Ho (1985)

  • Jeon Byeong Wook (1979)

    Jeon Byeong Wook (1979)

  • Im Seon Woo

    Im Seon Woo

  • Jeon Jin Oh (1979)

    Jeon Jin Oh (1979)



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