Phoenix (2020)

Phoenix (2020)

Ji Eun is the daughter of a wealthy chaebol family. She is bright, humorous, beautiful, and smart. Ji Eun meets Se Hoon, who runs a small furniture workshop. Unlike Ji Eun, Se Hoon comes from a poor family background. He was once the top student at a prestigious university, but he had to drop out due to his sick mother. Nevertheless, Ji Eun falls deeply in love with Se Hoon. She confesses her feelings to him. Se Hoon is also in love with Ji Eun, but he turns her down due to the extreme differences in their backgrounds. Eventually, Se Hoon is unable to bury his feelings any longer and they decide to marry. Ji Eun's father constantly interferes in their marriage and Se Hoon becomes tired of his father-in-law's meddling. Making things worse, Ji Eun experiences a miscarriage. She leaves Se Hoon shortly afterward.

10 years later, their lives have changed drastically. Ji Eun works as a housemaid and she struggles to support her family. She is also burdened by the debt left behind by her late father.

Meanwhile, Se Hoon as William Jang runs the successful U.S. cosmetic company Cosmetic Cherokee. He returns to South Korea.

Director: Lee Hyeon Jik [이현직]
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Romance;
Airs: 2020

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