Police Tactical Unit

Police Tactical Unit

A story that tackles the life experience and mental issues that plague the PTU officers from the perspective of a former undercover cop who returns to the force.

After successfully bringing down the triads, Gao Jiasheng (Raymond Lam) goes back to wearing the police badge and crosses paths with Sergeant He Huiling (Charlene Choi) and Team Leader Liu Jianhui (Alex Fong). The three have their share of misgivings, but learn to build trust and friendship through a series of dangerous missions.

Country: Hong Kong
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Raymond Lam

    Raymond Lam

  • Charlene Choi

    Charlene Choi

  • Alex Fong (1963)

    Alex Fong (1963)

  • Patrick Tam

    Patrick Tam

  • Louis Cheung (1980)

    Louis Cheung (1980)

  • Prince Mak (1990)

    Prince Mak (1990)

  • Irene Wan

    Irene Wan

  • Angus Yeung (1994)

    Angus Yeung (1994)

  • Zhao Yi Xin (1988)

    Zhao Yi Xin (1988)

  • Ma Kui (1993)

    Ma Kui (1993)

  • Suet Lam (1964)

    Suet Lam (1964)

  • Kingdom Yuen (1963)

    Kingdom Yuen (1963)


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