Pushing Hand (2019)

Pushing Hand (2019)

Liu Qing Yang is a rich, spoiled playboy. Chen Yi Fan is the icy, aloof vice president of a real estate corporation. Despite their differences, they both happen to be motorcycle racing enthusiasts. They find their lives intersecting after Liu Qing Yang saves Chen Yi Fan during a race, where Yi Fan notices that he resembles her former lover, Mei Heng, who passed away. Soon, Qing Yang and his mother suffer some mishaps and fall into debt. Yi Fan helps him out by offering him a job at her company.

When her company is pushed into a corner by its competitors, Liu Qing Yang attempts to save it by seeking guidance from its founder Mei Dao Yuan, who was a genius entrepreneur and Chen Yi Fan's former professor. Mei Dao Yuan teaches Qing Yang how to apply the principles of the Chinese Taichi known as "pushing hands (tui shou)" in the business world.

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Genres: Business; Drama; Romance;
Airs: 2019

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