Reborn 2020

Reborn 2020

Qin Chi, the deputy of the Xi Guan, the only survivor of the "gun case", continued to fight against amnesia after the heavy blow, and solved the story of the "gun case" while cracking the suspect. The role of Qin Chi, a thoughtful, not only has to solve the "mystery" behind the complicated cases with the police colleagues, but he also has more emphasis on the puzzles to be solved, the tough color and suspense.
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Genres: Crime; Mystery; Suspense;
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Zhang Yi (1978)

    Zhang Yi (1978)

  • Zhang Hao Wei (1990)

    Zhang Hao Wei (1990)

  • Cheng Xiao Meng (1986)

    Cheng Xiao Meng (1986)

  • Zhao Jin Mai (2002)

    Zhao Jin Mai (2002)

  • Pan Yue Ming (1974)

    Pan Yue Ming (1974)

  • Song Chun Li (1951)

    Song Chun Li (1951)

  • Lu Liang (1957)

    Lu Liang (1957)

  • Jack Kao (1958)

    Jack Kao (1958)

  • Li Zong Han (1976)

    Li Zong Han (1976)

  • Zhao Long Hao (1973)

    Zhao Long Hao (1973)

  • Zhao Da (1980)

    Zhao Da (1980)

  • Zhang Yu Yao (1992)

    Zhang Yu Yao (1992)



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