When a new stewardess joins the night shift crew of the train, she find that some mystic events become occur during the train night run. As the film goes we see that the train has more hidden secrets that lead to a suspicion that it might be linked to the crash of the same train several years ago. The 'spooky' train becomes a living thing and slowly starting to claim victims. Will the lady be able to stop this or all of the people aboard this train doomed?
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Horror; Thriller;
Airs: 2005

Cast more

  • Jang Shin Young (1984)

    Jang Shin Young (1984)

  • Song Il Gook (1971)

    Song Il Gook (1971)

  • Kim Hye Na (1980)

    Kim Hye Na (1980)

  • Park Hyo Joo (1982)

    Park Hyo Joo (1982)

  • Lee Dong Gyoo (1978)

    Lee Dong Gyoo (1978)

  • Oh Yoo Jin (1981)

    Oh Yoo Jin (1981)

  • Kwak Ji Min (1985)

    Kwak Ji Min (1985)

  • Choi Soo Han (1997)

    Choi Soo Han (1997)

  • Jang So Yeon (1980)

    Jang So Yeon (1980)

  • Jeon Ah Min (1983)

    Jeon Ah Min (1983)

  • Kim Tae Han (1969)

    Kim Tae Han (1969)

  • Jeon Hyeon Ah (1971)

    Jeon Hyeon Ah (1971)


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