Return the World to You

Return the World to You

Chen Yi En and her boyfriend Ye Qi Lei together set up their own business right after graduating from university. However, they have to learn that the business world is competitive and cruel. In the end, his rival causes Qi Lei’s “death by accident”. Instead of falling apart, Yi En becomes only stronger and takes on the heavy burden of leading the company alone, eventually making a famous fashion brand out of it. At the same time, she continues to track down Qi Lei’s whereabouts. Qi Lei actually didn’t die, someone saved him, but because of the seriousness of his wounds, he had to undergo plastic surgery and now recovers overseas. When Qi Lei returns to China to find out the truth behind his accident, he becomes the chairman of a fashion enterprise and goes by the name “Lu Zhun”. He and Yi En meet again as competitors but eventually fall in love with each other again. However, things get complicated when Yi En’s childhood friend Qin Ye, who has been pursuing her, enters the picture and Yi En’s best friend Cen Wei falls for the handsome Lu Zhun.
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Bextiyar Gülnezer (1992)

    Bextiyar Gülnezer (1992)

  • Yang Shuo (1983)

    Yang Shuo (1983)

  • Wang Dong (1978)

    Wang Dong (1978)

  • Sarah Zhao (1990)

    Sarah Zhao (1990)

  • Gao Tai Yu (1991)

    Gao Tai Yu (1991)

  • Jeremy Tsui

    Jeremy Tsui

  • Wang Ge (1989)

    Wang Ge (1989)

  • Kurt Huang (1997)

    Kurt Huang (1997)

  • Mary Ma (1994)

    Mary Ma (1994)

  • Paul Yu (1991)

    Paul Yu (1991)

  • Marco Leng (1985)

    Marco Leng (1985)

  • Daniel Gong (1984)

    Daniel Gong (1984)

  • Oceane Zhu (1987)

    Oceane Zhu (1987)

  • Yang Shu (1974)

    Yang Shu (1974)

  • Annie Chen (1989)

    Annie Chen (1989)



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