Roman (2019)

Roman (2019)

75 year old Jo Nam-bong and 71 year old Lee Mae-ja have dementia. They've been married for 45 years and they are alike in all ways, mentally and physically. Now they live like they are the only two in the world. Everyday their memories blur, but the romance they had forgotten comes back to them more clearly.
Also Known As: 로망 / Romang
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: melodrama; Romance;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Lee Soon Jae (1935)

    Lee Soon Jae (1935)

  • Jeong Yeong Sook (1947)

    Jeong Yeong Sook (1947)

  • Jo Han Cheol (1973)

    Jo Han Cheol (1973)

  • Lee Ye Won (2010)

    Lee Ye Won (2010)

  • Bae Hae Seon (1974)

    Bae Hae Seon (1974)

  • Yeo Moo Yeong

    Yeo Moo Yeong

  • Jin Seon Kyu (1977)

    Jin Seon Kyu (1977)

  • Ahn Ji Hye (1989)

    Ahn Ji Hye (1989)

  • Andy Kim (1990)

    Andy Kim (1990)

  • Park Bo Kyeong

    Park Bo Kyeong


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