Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

“Romantic Doctor Kim” is a “real doctor” story set in a small, humble hospital called Dol Dam Hospital. It is a story about people who meet Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu), a genius doctor, and discover “real romance.”

Along with genius Teacher Kim, Cha Eun Jae is a second year fellow in the cardiosurgery department who enjoys studying and has confidently walked the path of an elite student for most of her life. Seo Woo Jin, a cynical second year fellow who doesn’t believe in happiness because of his hardships growing up, but he shows impressive levels of concentration and talent when he is performing surgery.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Han Seok Kyu (1964)

    Han Seok Kyu (1964)

  •  Lee Seong Kyeong (1990)

    Lee Seong Kyeong (1990)

  • Ahn Hyo Seop

    Ahn Hyo Seop

  • Jin Kyeong (1972)

    Jin Kyeong (1972)

  • Im Won Hee (1970)

    Im Won Hee (1970)

  • Byeon Woo Min (1965)

    Byeon Woo Min (1965)

  • Choi Jin Ho (1968)

    Choi Jin Ho (1968)

  • Kim Min Jae (1996)

    Kim Min Jae (1996)

  • Yoon Na Moo (1985)

    Yoon Na Moo (1985)

  • Kim Hong Fa

    Kim Hong Fa

  • Jang Hyeok Jin (1971)

    Jang Hyeok Jin (1971)

  • Kim Joo Heon (1980)

    Kim Joo Heon (1980)

  • Shin Dong Wook (1982)

    Shin Dong Wook (1982)

  • So Joo Yeon (1993)

    So Joo Yeon (1993)

  • Park Hyo Joo (1982)

    Park Hyo Joo (1982)

  • Yoon Bora (1989)

    Yoon Bora (1989)

  • Kim Bo Jung (1988)

    Kim Bo Jung (1988)

  • Bae Myeong Jin (1986)

    Bae Myeong Jin (1986)

  • Ko Sang Ho (1985)

    Ko Sang Ho (1985)



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