Royal Nirvana

Royal Nirvana

A story that follows a crown prince who faces enemies from all sides and falls in love with a maidservant who wants to kill him. He is a son simply yearning for his father's love but is feared and suppressed due to his position. Despite the conflicts, the Crown Prince is a man willing to sacrifice his life and reputation for his country.

Xiao Ding Quan is appointed as the Crown Prince during the fourth year of the King's rule. He solidifies his control in the military through the support of the famous general Gu Si Lin, his uncle from his mother's side. In the political arena, he receives the guidance and advice of the righteous Lu Shi Yu who holds a high position in court.

The King views Xiao Ding Quan's merits and alliances as a threat and makes things difficult for him even though Xiao Ding Quan wants nothing more than to be a dutiful son and subordinate to his own father. At the same time, the King turns a blind eye to his illegitimate son Xiao Ding Tang's ambition to take the throne for himself. Xiao Ding Tang conspires to frame Xiao Ding Quan for the death of a civil official named Lu Ying. Lu Ying's daughter Lu Wen Xi assumes a new alias as A Bao and enters the palace as a maidservant in order to get revenge.

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Luo Jin

    Luo Jin

  • Li Yi Tong (1990)

    Li Yi Tong (1990)

  • Huang Zhi Zhong (1969)

    Huang Zhi Zhong (1969)

  • Liu De Kai (1953)

    Liu De Kai (1953)

  • Zhang Zhi Jian (1955)

    Zhang Zhi Jian (1955)

  • Miao Pu (1979)

    Miao Pu (1979)

  • Kim Jin (1993)

    Kim Jin (1993)

  • Zheng Ye Cheng (1993)

    Zheng Ye Cheng (1993)

  • Wang Yu (1983)

    Wang Yu (1983)

  • Cheng Xiao Meng (1986)

    Cheng Xiao Meng (1986)

  • Wang Jin Song (1968)

    Wang Jin Song (1968)

  • Qiu Xin Zhi (1968)

    Qiu Xin Zhi (1968)

  • Wang Jian Guo

    Wang Jian Guo

  • Tan Xi He (1959)

    Tan Xi He (1959)

  • Xin Peng (1992)

    Xin Peng (1992)

  • Xia Nan (1996)

    Xia Nan (1996)

  • Liu Wei Wei (1974)

    Liu Wei Wei (1974)

  • Dong Chun Hui

    Dong Chun Hui

  • Feng Bo

    Feng Bo

  • Jing Gang Shan (1967)

    Jing Gang Shan (1967)

  • Hao Lei (1978)

    Hao Lei (1978)

  • Wang Yuan Ke

    Wang Yuan Ke

  • Lu Yan Qi (1992)

    Lu Yan Qi (1992)

  • Liu Hai Lan

    Liu Hai Lan

  • Wang Rui Zi

    Wang Rui Zi

  • Liu Yi Tong (1997)

    Liu Yi Tong (1997)

  • Zhao Yuan Yuan (1991)

    Zhao Yuan Yuan (1991)

  • Liu Yi Jun (1970)

    Liu Yi Jun (1970)

  • Liu Ting (1989)

    Liu Ting (1989)

  • Chen Dao Ming (1955)

    Chen Dao Ming (1955)

  • Wu Xiu Bo (1968)

    Wu Xiu Bo (1968)



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