Save Me 2 (2019)

Save Me 2 (2019)

With their municipality scheduled to be flooded to make way for the construction of a new dam, the devout denizens of a rural village have placed their faith in Choi Gyung Seok, a church elder who promises to relocate the flock. Choi tells the villagers they will build a church and a new housing development where they will all be able to live together after the town is completely submerged. He also says that only 144,000 people can go to heaven, and that church offerings are mandatory if one wants to "secure their spot." Even the town's much-revered Reverend Sung, a young and good-looking minister who seemingly has the ability to heal the sick, approves of Choi's plans. Behind his guise of devotion, however, Choi is a practiced con man posing as a representative of a fake religion; his true aim is to defraud the villagers of their resettlement compensation. The only obstacle to the scheme is Kim MinChul, a skeptical outcast who accidentally discovers evidence of Choi's past misdeeds and suddenly finds himself becoming the center of resistance against the church institution.
Also Known As: Rescue Me 2
Country: Korean
Airs: 2019
Status: Completed

Cast more

  • Chun Ho Jin (1960)

    Chun Ho Jin (1960)

  • Um Tae Goo

    Um Tae Goo

  • Esom (1990)

    Esom (1990)

  • Kim Young Min

    Kim Young Min

  • Jo Jae Yoon (1974)

    Jo Jae Yoon (1974)

  • Han Sun Hwa

    Han Sun Hwa

  • Sung Hyuk (1984)

    Sung Hyuk (1984)

  • Oh Yeon Ah

    Oh Yeon Ah

  • Hyun Woo

    Hyun Woo

  • Im Ha Ryong

    Im Ha Ryong


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