Selection: The War Between Women

Selection: The War Between Women

It tells the story of the cutthroat competition around the selection of the new queen, who is the only person in the kingdom who can have power without being related to the royal family.

Kang Eun Bo's twin sister is murdered. To find out who is responsible for her sister's death, Kang Eun Bo decides to become the queen. She does not hesitate to take reckless actions in pursuit of her goal. Lee Kyung is the young king who had to suffer through an unimaginable hardship after being shot in the head. He is handsome and intelligent. Lee Kyung has precognitive dreams about one woman. He becomes involved in an unexpected case.

Wal, someone who doesn’t know his own name but knows the importance of money.

Lee Jae Hwa, a man who suddenly goes from living in the streets to being the first in line to the throne.

Jo Young Ji, the daughter of the second state councilor Jo Heung Gyeon, who has been obsessed with king Lee Kyung ever since he saved her from bullies when they were just children.

Also Known As: 간택-소녀들의 전쟁 / 간택 / Gantaeg / Sonyeodeullui Jeonjaeng / Gantaek-Girls' War / Selection / Selection: The War Between Girls / The War Between Girls / Selection - Girls' War
Country: Korean
Status: Upcoming
Airs: Dec 15, 2019

Cast more

  • Jin Se Yeon

    Jin Se Yeon

  • Kim Min Kyoo (1994)

    Kim Min Kyoo (1994)

  • Lee Yeol Eum (1996)

    Lee Yeol Eum (1996)

  • Do Sang Woo (1987)

    Do Sang Woo (1987)

  • Lee Shi Eon (1982)

    Lee Shi Eon (1982)

  • Son Byeong Ho (1962)

    Son Byeong Ho (1962)

  • Kim Beom Jin (1988)

    Kim Beom Jin (1988)

  • Go Yoon (1988)

    Go Yoon (1988)

  • Eom Hyo Seop

    Eom Hyo Seop

  • Jeong Ae Ri (1960)

    Jeong Ae Ri (1960)

  • Lee Jae Yong (1963)

    Lee Jae Yong (1963)

  • Yoo Young (1995)

    Yoo Young (1995)

  • Jo Eun Sook (1973)

    Jo Eun Sook (1973)

  • Yoon Gi Won (1971)

    Yoon Gi Won (1971)

  • Choi Myeong Bin (2008)

    Choi Myeong Bin (2008)

  • Song Ji Woo (1997)

    Song Ji Woo (1997)


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