Set in present-day Tokyo, Sherlock works as a freelancer crime consultant. From an early age, Sherlock has been fascinated with how people become criminals and in original sin. He is a genius, but he also has an impulse to commit crimes. Sherlock works on cases that interests him among police or customer requests.

Meanwhile, Watson is a psychiatrist. He is smart and cool-headed. Due to a case, Watson gets involved with Sherlock. At first, Watson thinks Sherlock is ignorant and arrogant, but, as they work together, Watson gets comfortable with Sherlock.

Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Dean Fujioka (1980)

    Dean Fujioka (1980)

  • Iwata Takanori (1989)

    Iwata Takanori (1989)

  • Sasaki Kuranosuke (1968)

    Sasaki Kuranosuke (1968)

  • Goto Yutaro (1998)

    Goto Yutaro (1998)

  • Yamada Maho (1981)

    Yamada Maho (1981)


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