Shine or Go Crazy

Shine or Go Crazy

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) is the Prince of Goryeo. He had a lonely childhood, due to his cursed fate. As he grew up, he realized his talent to become a King. Wang So looks bright, but he has a wounded mind. One day, he meets Shin Yool (Oh Yeon-Seo), who is the Last Princess of Balhae. She was born with the fate of becoming the light for another country. Because of her fate, she faces death. Through a one night marriage, Wang So and Shin Yool become connected and grow to love each other.
Also Known As:
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2015

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  • Jang Hyeok (1976)

    Jang Hyeok (1976)

  • Lee Ha Nui (1983)

    Lee Ha Nui (1983)

  • Im Joo Hwan (1982)

    Im Joo Hwan (1982)

  • Lee Deok Hwa (1952)

    Lee Deok Hwa (1952)

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