Sniper (2020)

Sniper (2020)

Two legendary snipers with a seamless partnership find themselves on opposite sides due to differences in values and beliefs. One dangerous mission brings about a deadly battle that takes place in the shadows.

During the spring of 1949, expert sniper Su Wenqian who's been hiding his identity receives a mission to come into the special crimes division as a consultant in order to take down an organization of secret assassins. At the same time, the enemy sends in Chi Tiecheng who is their number one assassin.

Su Wenqian used to be an activist against Japanese occupation and he was partners with Chi Tiecheng for many years. After many life and death encounters with the members of special crimes, Su Wenqian who once vowed never to use a gun again starts to see hope and finds a reason to fight again. Two friends with unmatched lethal skills engage in a battle of wits and will.

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Huang Xuan (1985)

    Huang Xuan (1985)

    Lanzhou, Gansu, China
  • Michael Chen (1985)

    Michael Chen (1985)

    Changle District, Fuzhou, China
  • Yang Cai Yu (1992)

    Yang Cai Yu (1992)

  • Sierra Li (1989)

    Sierra Li (1989)

    Beijing, China
  • Lin Dong Fu (1957)

    Lin Dong Fu (1957)

    Shanghai, China
  • Wang Long Zheng (1980)

    Wang Long Zheng (1980)

    Tianjin, China
  • Wang Yan Hui (1970)

    Wang Yan Hui (1970)

  • Yao An Lian (1957)

    Yao An Lian (1957)

    Shanghai, China
  • Ji Yun Shu

    Ji Yun Shu



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