Solomon’s Perjury

Solomon’s Perjury

Based on the novel “Solomon no Gisho / ソロモンの偽証” by Miyuki Miyabe which was published from 2002-Oct to 2011-Nov. This novel have been made into Japanese TV drama “Solomon’s Perjury (Part 1 & Part 2)” which were released on 2015-March-7 and 2015-Apr-11.

Solomon's Perjury is a murder mystery that digs into what really happened regarding the death of a student and deals with the growing pains of teenagers. On a Christmas night, a student fell off the school’s rooftop and died. The police concluded that he committed a suicide, and the school immediately tried to hold a memorial ceremony to quickly move on. A couple of days later, a mysterious statement from a witness who saw the student being murdered was delivered to Seo Yeon, a classmate of the dead student. While the school, the police, and the press fight over who is right, many students get hurt. The only thing the adults care about is closing the case. Seo Yeon and some of her friends declare that they can’t stand by quietly and let this unfair process continue, so they decide to hold a school trial in order to uncover the truth, saying “we’re not going to just let this go.” Students act as counselors, judges, and jurors in the school trial. The trial reveals ugly secrets about the murder case and the hypocrisy of the adults involved in the students' fight for the truth.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2016

Cast more

  • Kim Hyun Soo (2000)

    Kim Hyun Soo (2000)

  • Jang Dong Yoon

    Jang Dong Yoon

  • Seo Ji Hoon (1997)

    Seo Ji Hoon (1997)

  • Seo Yeong Joo (1998)

    Seo Yeong Joo (1998)

  • Jo Jae Hyeon (1965)

    Jo Jae Hyeon (1965)

  • Shin Se Hwi (1997)

    Shin Se Hwi (1997)

  • Baek Cheol Min (1992)

    Baek Cheol Min (1992)

  • Seo Shin Ae (1998)

    Seo Shin Ae (1998)

  • Shin Eun Jeong (1974)

    Shin Eun Jeong (1974)

  • Oh Yoon Hong (1971)

    Oh Yoon Hong (1971)

  • Yoo Ha Bok (1969)

    Yoo Ha Bok (1969)

  • Ryoo Tae Ho (1963)

    Ryoo Tae Ho (1963)

  • Lee Ho Jae (1941)

    Lee Ho Jae (1941)

  • Kim Yeo Jin (1972)

    Kim Yeo Jin (1972)

  • Shim Yi Yeong (1980)

    Shim Yi Yeong (1980)

  • Heo Jeong Do (1978)

    Heo Jeong Do (1978)

  • Lee Kyeong Shim (1972)

    Lee Kyeong Shim (1972)

  • Ahn Nae Sang (1964)

    Ahn Nae Sang (1964)

  • Choi Joon Yong (1966)

    Choi Joon Yong (1966)

  • Kim Jeong Yeong (1972)

    Kim Jeong Yeong (1972)

  • Kang In Ki (1964)

    Kang In Ki (1964)

  • Uhm Soo Jung (1976)

    Uhm Soo Jung (1976)

  • Choi Deok Moon (1970)

    Choi Deok Moon (1970)

  • Ahn Sol Bin (Solbin - Laboum) (1997)

    Ahn Sol Bin (Solbin - Laboum) (1997)

  • Yang Hak Jin (1991)

    Yang Hak Jin (1991)

  • Lee Do Gyeom (1990)

    Lee Do Gyeom (1990)

  • Kim So Hee (2000)

    Kim So Hee (2000)

  • Yeo Hoi Hyeon

    Yeo Hoi Hyeon

  • Ahn Seung Kyoon (1994)

    Ahn Seung Kyoon (1994)

  • Park Kyoo Yeong (1993)

    Park Kyoo Yeong (1993)

  • Ji Yi Soo (1991)

    Ji Yi Soo (1991)

  • Kim Oh Bok (1988)

    Kim Oh Bok (1988)

  • Ko Soo Jeong (1995)

    Ko Soo Jeong (1995)

  • Nam Jeong Hee (1942)

    Nam Jeong Hee (1942)

  • Woo Ki Hoon (1996)

    Woo Ki Hoon (1996)

  • Choi Joon Hyeok

    Choi Joon Hyeok



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