Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter
Movie: Spy Hunter
Other name: 天衣无缝 / Gui Wan's Diary / Flawless Plan
Country: Chinese
Released: 2019
Status: Completed
In the spring of 1931, after The Communist Party successfully set up many communication stations in China, they set their sight on Western Europe and assigned 2 of their agents ''Asthray'" and "Porcelain" to Paris. From there on, the stories of secret deal, hidden betrayal, questionable death, forbidden love, and brotherhood among the military and a prominent family's members were unraveled.
  • Lu Yi

    Lu Yi

  • Xu Lu

    Xu Lu

  • Qin Jun Jie

    Qin Jun Jie

  • Wu Xiu bo

    Wu Xiu bo

  • Tong Li Ya

    Tong Li Ya

  • Qian Yong Chen

    Qian Yong Chen

  • Xu Ya Jun

    Xu Ya Jun

  • Liu Wei Wei

    Liu Wei Wei

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