Ssunday Seoul

Ssunday Seoul

The Werewolf A high school student Do-yeon who is the victim of bullying in school, is the main character of the first episode. He is not good at studying or at fighting. One day, an unexpected change happens to his body. The Visitor On a pitch-black stormy night, a woman is visited by a stranger seeking shelter. The stranger eventually is revealed as a serial killer on the run. The Young Adventurer Seeking revenge for his father, a son embarks on a journey in which he encounters a young girl by chance and starts to learn martial arts.
Also Known As: 썬데이 서울
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Fantasy;
Airs: 2006

Cast more

  • Lee Cheong Ah (1984)

    Lee Cheong Ah (1984)

  • Go Eun Ah (1988)

    Go Eun Ah (1988)

  • Jung So Nyu

    Jung So Nyu

  • Lee Ha Neul (1974)

    Lee Ha Neul (1974)

  • Bong Tae Kyoo (1981)

    Bong Tae Kyoo (1981)

  • Kim Chang Ryeol (1973)

    Kim Chang Ryeol (1973)

  • Yong Yi (1974)

    Yong Yi (1974)

  • Lee Hyeon Woo (1966)

    Lee Hyeon Woo (1966)

  • Kim Soo Mi (1949)

    Kim Soo Mi (1949)


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