Stove League

Stove League

"Stove League" is a drama about a new leader of a baseball team that is in the bottom ranks preparing for a new season.
Also Known As: 스토브리그 / Seutobeuligeu / Hot Stove League
Country: Korean
Status: Upcoming
Genres: Sports;
Airs: Nov 22, 2019

Cast more

  • Nam Goong Min (1978)

    Nam Goong Min (1978)

  • Park Eun Bin

    Park Eun Bin

  • Jo Byeong Kyoo

    Jo Byeong Kyoo

  • Park So Jin (1986)

    Park So Jin (1986)

  • Kim Do Hyeon (1977)

    Kim Do Hyeon (1977)

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