Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Do Bong Soon is a petite, unemployed woman who is honest and kind. She appears little and sweet on the outside, but she is in fact very, very strong. In her family, for generations the women have been gifted Herculean strength to use for the greater good. If abused, however, their power will be taken away. Whilst standing up for herself after gang members bully her, she finds herself approached by Ahn Min Hyuk, the handsome and somewhat childish CEO of Ainsoft, a gaming company. Ahn Min Hyuk, who holds a great distrust towards the police, witnessed the whole exchange of Bong Soon's superhuman strength, and now wants to employ her as a bodyguard after being threatened by an unknown enemy. Min Hyuk falls in love with super-strong Bong Soon at first sight, but there's a catch. Bong Soon has eyes for someone else; police officer and childhood friend, In Guk Doo, whom she has known since high school. When chaos ensues after a series of kidnappings in Do Bong Soon's hometown of Dobong-dong, Dobong-gu, Bong Soon must decide whether to use her strength and stand up to evil, or play it safe and keep her powers hidden from the world. Combined with the love triangle she faces between In Guk Doo and Ahn Min Hyuk, as well as having to keep Min Hyuk safe, Bong Soon's life is thrown into turmoil. Can she use her strength for the greater good, or will it prove in the end to be too much?
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2017

Cast more

  • Park Bo Yeong (1990)

    Park Bo Yeong (1990)

    Jeungpyeong-gun, South Korea
  • Park Hyung Shik

    Park Hyung Shik

    South Korea
  • Ji Soo (1993)

    Ji Soo (1993)

    South Korea
  • Jeon Seok Ho (1984)

    Jeon Seok Ho (1984)

    South Korea
  • Shim Hye Jin (1967)

    Shim Hye Jin (1967)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Yoo Jae Myeong (1973)

    Yoo Jae Myeong (1973)

    South Korea
  • Ahn Woo Yeon (1991)

    Ahn Woo Yeon (1991)

    South Korea
  • Kim Min Kyo (1974)

    Kim Min Kyo (1974)

    South Korea
  • Yoon Ye Hee (1968)

    Yoon Ye Hee (1968)

    South Korea
  • Kim Won Hae (1969)

    Kim Won Hae (1969)

    South Korea
  • Im Won Hee (1970)

    Im Won Hee (1970)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Kim Ki Moo (1978)

    Kim Ki Moo (1978)

    South Korea
  • Seol In Ah (1996)

    Seol In Ah (1996)

    South Korea
  • Joo Ho (1980)

    Joo Ho (1980)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Choi Won Myeong (1994)

    Choi Won Myeong (1994)

    South Korea
  • Jang Mi Kwan (1989)

    Jang Mi Kwan (1989)

    South Korea
  • Park Bo Mi (1989)

    Park Bo Mi (1989)

    South Korea
  • Kim Yeong Choon (1985)

    Kim Yeong Choon (1985)

    South Korea
  • Baek Soo Ryun (1944)

    Baek Soo Ryun (1944)

    South Korea
  • Yoon Yeong Joo

    Yoon Yeong Joo

    South Korea
  • Kim Seong Beom (1978)

    Kim Seong Beom (1978)

    South Korea
  • Kim Won Seok

    Kim Won Seok

    South Korea
  • Shim Hoon Ki (1977)

    Shim Hoon Ki (1977)

    South Korea
  • Choi Yeong Shin (1988)

    Choi Yeong Shin (1988)

    South Korea
  • Lee Ho Cheol (1985)

    Lee Ho Cheol (1985)

    Daegu, South Korea
  • Min Ji Hyeon (1984)

    Min Ji Hyeon (1984)

    South Korea
  • Kim Won Joon (1973)

    Kim Won Joon (1973)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Jeon Byeong Cheol (1968)

    Jeon Byeong Cheol (1968)

    South Korea
  • Lee Se Wook (1987)

    Lee Se Wook (1987)

    South Korea
  • Choi Seung Hoon (2008)

    Choi Seung Hoon (2008)

    South Korea
  • Choi Moo In (1971)

    Choi Moo In (1971)

    South Korea
  • Choi Hyeong

    Choi Hyeong

    South Korea
  • Choi Hyeon Seo (1988)

    Choi Hyeon Seo (1988)

    South Korea
  • Ahn Chang Hwan (1985)

    Ahn Chang Hwan (1985)

    South Korea
  • Yoo In Soo (1998)

    Yoo In Soo (1998)

    South Korea
  • Kim Soo Yeon (1981)

    Kim Soo Yeon (1981)

    South Korea
  • Choi Min Yeong (2002)

    Choi Min Yeong (2002)

    South Korea
  • Kim Won Hyo (1981)

    Kim Won Hyo (1981)

    South Korea
  • Lee Cheol Min (1970)

    Lee Cheol Min (1970)

    South Korea
  • Yoon Sang Hyeon (1973)

    Yoon Sang Hyeon (1973)

    South Korea
  • Kwon Hyeok Soo (1986)

    Kwon Hyeok Soo (1986)

    Incheon, South Korea
  • Lee Sang (1995)

    Lee Sang (1995)

    South Korea
  • Lee Seong Min (1986)

    Lee Seong Min (1986)

  • Oh Soon Tae (1979)

    Oh Soon Tae (1979)

    South Korea
  • Kang Ji Yeong (1994)

    Kang Ji Yeong (1994)

    South Korea
  • Song Won Geun (1982)

    Song Won Geun (1982)

    South Korea
  • Lee Soo Ji (1985)

    Lee Soo Ji (1985)

    Yeongcheon-si, South Korea
  • Shin Bi (2006)

    Shin Bi (2006)

    South Korea
  • Jang Seong Kyoo (1983)

    Jang Seong Kyoo (1983)

    Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, South Korea
  • Oh Ah Rin (2011)

    Oh Ah Rin (2011)

    South Korea
  • Kim Mi Hwa (1974)

    Kim Mi Hwa (1974)

    South Korea
  • Jeong Jong Woo (1984)

    Jeong Jong Woo (1984)

    South Korea
  • Kim Bit Na Ri (1990)

    Kim Bit Na Ri (1990)

    South Korea
  • Jeong Kang Hee (1980)

    Jeong Kang Hee (1980)

    South Korea
  • Kim Hyeon Mok (1991)

    Kim Hyeon Mok (1991)

    South Korean
  • Song Yo Sep (1973)

    Song Yo Sep (1973)

    South Korea


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