Taste of Love Season 3

Taste of Love Season 3

The best celebrity dating show in Korea is back! In the third season of THE TASTE OF LOVE, male celebrities get a chance to meet their 'ideal girlfriend' and to be in a relationship. Yoo Jae-hwang from Season 2 is joined by four new men: Yoon Jeong-soo, Jeong Joon, Kang Doo, and Park Jin-woo. Can they finally have their happily ever after? Five couples' romantic moments will make your heart flutter once again. Kim Sook and Park Na-rae, self-proclaimed love experts, will analyze and explain each relationship.
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Variety;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Park Na Rae (1985)

    Park Na Rae (1985)

  • Kim Sook (1975)

    Kim Sook (1975)

  • Jang Soo Won (1980)

    Jang Soo Won (1980)

  • Kim Jae Joong (1986)

    Kim Jae Joong (1986)

  • Jeong Hyeok (1991)

    Jeong Hyeok (1991)

  • Lee Jae Hwang (1976)

    Lee Jae Hwang (1976)

  • Kang Doo (1979)

    Kang Doo (1979)

  • Jeong Joon (1979)

    Jeong Joon (1979)

  • Yoon Jeong Soo (1972)

    Yoon Jeong Soo (1972)

  • Park Jin Woo (1983)

    Park Jin Woo (1983)



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