Teacher Oh Soon Nam

Teacher Oh Soon Nam

Oh Soon Nam is a teacher at a traditional Korean school called Jeokhyeonjae where she nurtures students’ aspirations like a friend. But one day, Soon Nam’s life crumbled down with the sudden loss of Jeokhyeonjae and her daughter Joon Yeong. Soon Nam embarks on an investigation to punish the people behind her daughter’s death and finds that she must choose between revenge and values she has lived by all her life. This TV show revolves around a female teacher at a traditional Korean school who is also married to the sole descendant of a head family clan that comes with heavy responsibilities. Then tragedy strikes her, however, in memory of her daughter, she transforms into a person that people admire for her strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2017

Cast more

  • Park Shi Eun (1980)

    Park Shi Eun (1980)

  • Jang Seung Jo (1981)

    Jang Seung Jo (1981)

  • Goo Bon Seung (1973)

    Goo Bon Seung (1973)

  • Han Soo Yeon (1983)

    Han Soo Yeon (1983)

  • Geum Bo Ra (1961)

    Geum Bo Ra (1961)

  • Lee Jeong Seong (1963)

    Lee Jeong Seong (1963)

  • Kim Myeong Soo (1966)

    Kim Myeong Soo (1966)

  • Shin Yi (1978)

    Shin Yi (1978)

  • Seong Byeong Sook (1955)

    Seong Byeong Sook (1955)

  • Seo Hye Jin (1989)

    Seo Hye Jin (1989)

  • Sam Hammington (1977)

    Sam Hammington (1977)

  • Lee Jeong Yong (1969)

    Lee Jeong Yong (1969)

  • Seol Jeong Hwan (1985)

    Seol Jeong Hwan (1985)

  • Kim Hyeong Min (1983)

    Kim Hyeong Min (1983)

  • Lee Ro Woon (2009)

    Lee Ro Woon (2009)

  • Kim Hye Seon (1969)

    Kim Hye Seon (1969)

  • Jo Seong Hee (Sep 1979)

    Jo Seong Hee (Sep 1979)

  • Jang Gwang (1952)

    Jang Gwang (1952)

  • Lee Gyoo Seop

    Lee Gyoo Seop

  • Kim Bit Na Ri (1990)

    Kim Bit Na Ri (1990)

  • Lee Chae Mi (2006)

    Lee Chae Mi (2006)

  • Lee El Bin (2010)

    Lee El Bin (2010)



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