The 12th Suspect

The 12th Suspect

On an autumn night in 1953, famous poet Baek Doo Hwan is killed in Namsan, Seoul. The next day, Investigator Kim Ki Chae visits the Oriental Cafe. He introduces himself as Master Sergeant of the Counter Intelligence Corps to those at the cafe. Kim Ki Chae begins to inquire if anyone there were involved in Baek Doo Hwan’s death.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Kim Sang Kyeong (1972)

    Kim Sang Kyeong (1972)

  • Heo Seong Tae (1977)

    Heo Seong Tae (1977)

  • Park Seon Yeong (1976)

    Park Seon Yeong (1976)

  • Kim Dong Yeong (1988)

    Kim Dong Yeong (1988)

  • Han Ji Ahn (1991)

    Han Ji Ahn (1991)

  • Kim Ji Hoon (1979)

    Kim Ji Hoon (1979)

  • Myeong Gye Nam (1952)

    Myeong Gye Nam (1952)



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