The Backlight of Love

The Backlight of Love

Jiang Li ran away on the day of her wedding, only to end up being stabbed. An angel appears before her spirit and informs her that she has seven days to discover who attempted to murder her. With her past memories a blur after University, she sets out to figure out the culprit as she delves into the past. Apparently not everything she believes was as it seem
Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2015

Cast more

  • Dilmurat Dilraba

    Dilmurat Dilraba

  • Yalkun Merxat (1991)

    Yalkun Merxat (1991)

  • Timmy Xu (1994)

    Timmy Xu (1994)

  • Zang Hong Na

    Zang Hong Na

  • Zhang Yi Jie (1999)

    Zhang Yi Jie (1999)


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