The Great White Tower (Shiroi Kyoto)

The Great White Tower (Shiroi Kyoto)

Based on novel by Yamasaki Toyoko, screenplay by Habara Daisuke and directed by Tsuruhashi Yasuo. The era setting is changed from the Showa 30's to the year 2019.
Also Known As: White Tower
Country: Japanese
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Drama; Medical;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Okada Junichi (1980)

    Okada Junichi (1980)

  • Matsuyama Kenichi (1985)

    Matsuyama Kenichi (1985)

  • Sawajiri Erika (1986)

    Sawajiri Erika (1986)

  • Terao Akira (1947)

    Terao Akira (1947)


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