The Legend of Xiao Chuo (2020)

The Legend of Xiao Chuo (2020)

It is the late 10th century, and the Liao dynasty is at the zenith of its power. The powerful Liao rule much of what is now Northeast China, Mongolia, and Russia, as well as much of the Korean Peninsula. Prime Minister Xiao Si Wen and Princess Yan of the Liao have three daughters, but their favorite is the youngest – the hard-working and diligent Xiao Chao. Xiao Chao’s heart belongs to aspiring military commander Han De Rang, whose family have loyally served the Liao for decades. But her parents have other plans for her – and succeed in arranging for her to marry the Liao Emperor, Jin Zhong.

She obeys and goes on to become the Emperor’s queen, as well as a fierce defender of the Liao – helping to mobilize the army, heading a 10,000-strong cavalry regiment and providing support for the civil administration. Eventually, she is named Empress. In the meantime, however, Han De Rang has continued his own rise through the ranks of both the military and the government, becoming a powerful general and a minister. Xiao Chao is prepared to do anything to help the realm…but can she contain her feelings for Han De Rang? And can he, in turn, control his heart, which still beats for his childhood sweetheart, now the Empress?

Also Known As: 燕云台 Yan Yun Tai

Director: Jeffrey Chiang [蒋家骏]

Country: Chinese
Status: Upcoming
Airs: Sep 30, 2020

Cast more

  • Tiffany Tang (1983)

    Tiffany Tang (1983)

  • Shawn Dou (1988)

    Shawn Dou (1988)

  • Jing Chao

    Jing Chao

  • Charmaine Sheh (1975)

    Charmaine Sheh (1975)

  • Liu Yi Jun (1970)

    Liu Yi Jun (1970)

  • Kevin Tan (1972)

    Kevin Tan (1972)

  • Lu Shan (1989)

    Lu Shan (1989)

  • Jeffery Ji (1981)

    Jeffery Ji (1981)

  • Li Ning

    Li Ning

  • Katherine Zhao (1997)

    Katherine Zhao (1997)

  • Zoey Meng (1995)

    Zoey Meng (1995)

  • Zhang Gong (1964)

    Zhang Gong (1964)

  • Peter Sheng (1992)

    Peter Sheng (1992)

  • Jiang Kai

    Jiang Kai

  • Shao Bing (1968)

    Shao Bing (1968)

  • Wang Yuan Ke

    Wang Yuan Ke

  • Monica Mok

    Monica Mok

  • Simon Lian (1992)

    Simon Lian (1992)

  • Zhao Yuan Yuan (1991)

    Zhao Yuan Yuan (1991)

  • Ruan Sheng Wen (1984)

    Ruan Sheng Wen (1984)

  • Juan Zi (1976)

    Juan Zi (1976)

  • Leene Mu (1995)

    Leene Mu (1995)

  • Tim Yu (1994)

    Tim Yu (1994)

  • Tian Yi Tong (1994)

    Tian Yi Tong (1994)

  • Gong Wan Yi (1997)

    Gong Wan Yi (1997)



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