The Restless

The Restless

It is believed that when a person dies, their soul spends 49 days in Jungcheon, or Purgatory, before their eternal fate is decided -- heaven, hell or rebirth. That’s where accomplished demon hunter Yi Kwak finds himself as he lies on the edge of death in our world. Blessed with astounding swordsmanship and the uncanny ability to see the evil spirits invisible to most, Yi enlisted with the royal squad of elite demon exterminators, the Chuhyongdae, following his fiancée’s tragic death. In Jungcheon, he finds Yon-hwa again, but she does not recognize him –- she is a spirit of the afterlife now, severed from earthly memories. Moreover, she is deeply entangled in a great war between the white-clad warriors of reincarnation and a swarm of dark spirits determined to forever shatter the cycle of life and death. The battle is desperately close to a terrifying conclusion, so Yi must draw his sword to defend the woman he loves and all they holds dear –- and confront the same soul that was once like a father to him.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2006

Cast more

  • Jeong Woo Seong (1973)

    Jeong Woo Seong (1973)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Kim Tae Hee (1980)

    Kim Tae Hee (1980)

    Ulsan, South Korea
  • So Yi Hyeon (1984)

    So Yi Hyeon (1984)

    Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea
  • Park Sang Wook (1976)

    Park Sang Wook (1976)

    South Korea
  • Yoo Ha Joon (1978)

    Yoo Ha Joon (1978)

    South Korea
  • Jeong Wook (1938)

    Jeong Wook (1938)

    South Korea
  • Jeong Seok Yong (1970)

    Jeong Seok Yong (1970)

    South Korea
  • Heo Joon Ho (1964)

    Heo Joon Ho (1964)

    Seoul, South Korea
  • Jo Seon Mook (1960)

    Jo Seon Mook (1960)

    South Korea
  • Choi Hong Il (1963)

    Choi Hong Il (1963)

    South Korea


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