The Spy Gone North

The Spy Gone North

In 1993, former military officer Suk-young Park is recruited as a spy by South Korea's National Intelligence Service, and given the code name "Black Venus". He is then sent to infiltrate a group of high-ranking North Korean officials based in Beijing, with the ultimate goal of acquiring information on the North's nuclear program. After becoming close to Myong-un Ri, a key power broker, Black Venus succeeds beyond his wildest dreams of gaining the trust of North Korea's leadership. But political machinations on both sides of the border threaten to derail his accomplishments.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama; Thriller;
Airs: 2018

Cast more

  • Hwang Jeong Min (1970)

    Hwang Jeong Min (1970)

  • Lee Seong Min (1968)

    Lee Seong Min (1968)

  • Jo Jin Woong (1976)

    Jo Jin Woong (1976)

  • Joo Ji Hoon (1982)

    Joo Ji Hoon (1982)

  • Ki Joo Bong (1955)

    Ki Joo Bong (1955)

  • Ryoo Seong Hyeon (1971)

    Ryoo Seong Hyeon (1971)

  • Kim Hong Fa

    Kim Hong Fa


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