The Table

The Table

A couple faces each other across a cafe table talking; he's apparently returned from Europe and she's not happy about him asking her to meet after such a long time. The conversation seems likely to end any second, but suddenly his true feelings touch her momentarily and a brief smile crosses her face. "The Table" follows a conversation between two people in a cafe.

The first episode shows about a conversation between an actress and her ex-boyfriend, the second is the meeting of a man and woman who go traveling together after a one-night stand, and the third episode is the story of a woman who meets the woman who will play her mother at her sham wedding. The final episode focuses on a woman about to marry, suggesting her ex-boyfriend will be seeing her right up to her wedding day. As all four episodes depend on the two characters' lines and facial expressions, audiences must imagine the situations from the clues available.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Drama;
Airs: 2017

Cast more

  • Jeong Yoo Mi (1983)

    Jeong Yoo Mi (1983)

  • Han Ye Ri (1984)

    Han Ye Ri (1984)

  • Jeong Eun Chae (1986)

    Jeong Eun Chae (1986)

  • Im Soo Jeong (1979)

    Im Soo Jeong (1979)

  • Kim Hye Ok

    Kim Hye Ok

  • Yeon Woo Jin (1984)

    Yeon Woo Jin (1984)

  • Jeong Joon Won (1988)

    Jeong Joon Won (1988)

  • Jeon Seong Woo (1987)

    Jeon Seong Woo (1987)

  • Im Seon Woo

    Im Seon Woo

  • Jang Hae Min (1991)

    Jang Hae Min (1991)

  • Jeong Ye Nok (1998)

    Jeong Ye Nok (1998)



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