The Treacherous

The Treacherous

Prince Yeon San becomes engulfed with insanity as he kills those responsible for his mother's death. He appoints his longtime friend Im Soong Jae and his father to the position of retainer. They are then ordered to round up beautiful women from all parts of the country to pleasure Prince Yeon San. Women are taken regardless of their marriage status or social class, which causes widespread anger.

Dan Hee is a beautiful woman, but she is a butcher from the lowest class. She saves Im Soong Jae from danger and then begs him to take her to the palace. Im Soong Jae refuses for his own personal reasons.

Nevertheless, Dan Hee soon enters the palace. Im Soong Jae becomes conflicted and the Prince lusts after the beautiful Dan Hee.

Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Airs: 2015

Cast more

  • Joo Ji Hoon (1982)

    Joo Ji Hoon (1982)

  • Kim Kang Woo (1978)

    Kim Kang Woo (1978)

  • Im Ji Yeon (1990)

    Im Ji Yeon (1990)

  • Lee Yoo Yeong (1989)

    Lee Yoo Yeong (1989)

  • Cheon Ho Jin (1960)

    Cheon Ho Jin (1960)

  • Song Yeong Chang (1958)

    Song Yeong Chang (1958)

  • Jo Han Cheol (1973)

    Jo Han Cheol (1973)

  • Cha Ji Yeon (1982)

    Cha Ji Yeon (1982)

  • Jang Gwang (1952)

    Jang Gwang (1952)

  • Jeong In Ki (1966)

    Jeong In Ki (1966)

  • Ki Joo Bong (1955)

    Ki Joo Bong (1955)

  • Kim Kang Il (1966)

    Kim Kang Il (1966)

  • Kim Yoon Chan (1981)

    Kim Yoon Chan (1981)

  • Yoon Yeong Kyoon (1984)

    Yoon Yeong Kyoon (1984)

  • Park Eun Yeong (1969)

    Park Eun Yeong (1969)

  • Kwak Ja Hyeong (1976)

    Kwak Ja Hyeong (1976)

  • Kim Ri Won (1989)

    Kim Ri Won (1989)

  • Kang Hyeon Joong (1972)

    Kang Hyeon Joong (1972)

  • Lee Do Ah (1986)

    Lee Do Ah (1986)

  • Jeon Yeo Bin (1989)

    Jeon Yeo Bin (1989)

  • Park Sang Hoon (1979)

    Park Sang Hoon (1979)

  • Ryoo Seon Yeong (1988)

    Ryoo Seon Yeong (1988)

  • Jo Myeong Haeng (1977)

    Jo Myeong Haeng (1977)


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