The Wolf (2020)

The Wolf (2020)

In the last years of the Tang Dynasty (late 9th to early 10th century), a military governor and warlord named Zhu Wen is out in the countryside when he happens to come across a boy who has been raised by wolves.

The warlord decides to take the boy in, adopt him, and name him Zhu You Wen. Zhu Wen then proceeds to launch an (ultimately successful) coup, usurping the Tang monarch and installing himself as the first Emperor of the Later Liang Dynasty (907-923). The new Emperor names Zhu You Wen as a royal prince.

At court, Zhu You Wen forms a bond with a woman named Ma Zhai Xing, the daughter of a government official.

Despite his lofty status at court, Zhu You Wen is motivated by a strong sense of justice that was instilled in him during his years of living in the wild. He and Ma Zhai Xing begin to form a romantic bond. And with her support, he plans to temper his adoptive father’s unpopular and overly strict reforms – and battles to foil a series of dastardly plans hatched by his scheming foster brothers.

Country: Chinese
Status: Upcoming
Airs: Dec 31, 2020

Cast more

  • Darren Wang (1991)

    Darren Wang (1991)

  • Li Qin (1990)

    Li Qin (1990)

  • Sean Xiao (1991)

    Sean Xiao (1991)

  • Xin Zhi Lei (1986)

    Xin Zhi Lei (1986)

  • Guo Shu Yao (1990)

    Guo Shu Yao (1990)

  • Lin You Wei (1977)

    Lin You Wei (1977)

  • Zang Hong Na

    Zang Hong Na

  • Ding Yong Dai (1958)

    Ding Yong Dai (1958)

  • Daniel Zhang (1985)

    Daniel Zhang (1985)

  • Osborn Chen (1992)

    Osborn Chen (1992)

  • Daniel Gong (1984)

    Daniel Gong (1984)

  • Shi Liang (1960)

    Shi Liang (1960)

  • Huang Yang Tian Tian (2007)

    Huang Yang Tian Tian (2007)

  • Cao Jun

    Cao Jun

  • Xue Cun (1969)

    Xue Cun (1969)

  • Lin Cheng

    Lin Cheng

  • Li Long (1984)

    Li Long (1984)

  • Will Song (1991)

    Will Song (1991)

  • Zuo Jin Zhu (1978)

    Zuo Jin Zhu (1978)

  • Wu Xuan Xuan (1992)

    Wu Xuan Xuan (1992)

  • Yan Zi Hao (2007)

    Yan Zi Hao (2007)



  • Watch: Darren Wang and Li Qin in Upcoming Drama "The Wolf 2020"

    Watch: Darren Wang and Li Qin in Upcoming Drama "The Wolf 2020"

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