Thread of Lies

Thread of Lies

Hyun-sook (Kim Hee-ae) is a widowed single mother who is raising two teenage daughters while working at a big grocery store. One day, her youngest child, 14-year-old Cheon-ji (Kim Hyang-gi) suddenly commits suicide by hanging without even leaving a note. To Hyun-sook and her older daughter Man-ji (Go Ah-sung), Cheon-ji was the sweet child of the family who rarely complained and studied hard, while always trying to comfort her hardworking, often-weary mother. Struggling with guilt and anger, and not knowing why Cheon-ji chose to kill herself, the two women wonder whether there was something they missed or something they could have said or done. Flashbacks of Cheon-ji's past show that she had been the victim of cruel acts of bullying at her middle school, led by Hwa-yeon (Kim Yoo-jung), the prettiest and most popular girl in class whose true callous and manipulative nature hides a tortured soul.
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Family; life; Tragedy;
Airs: 2014

Cast more

  • Go Ah Seong (1992)

    Go Ah Seong (1992)

  • Kim Hee Ae (1967)

    Kim Hee Ae (1967)

  • Kim Yoo Jeong (1999)

    Kim Yoo Jeong (1999)

  • Kim Hyang Gi (2000)

    Kim Hyang Gi (2000)

  • Seong Dong Il (1964)

    Seong Dong Il (1964)

  • Yoo Yeon Mi (1999)

    Yoo Yeon Mi (1999)

  • Cheon Woo Hee (1987)

    Cheon Woo Hee (1987)

  • Yoo Ah In (1986)

    Yoo Ah In (1986)

  • Park Soo Yeong (1970)

    Park Soo Yeong (1970)

  • Park Il Mok (1965)

    Park Il Mok (1965)

  • Jin Seon Mi (1978)

    Jin Seon Mi (1978)

  • Kim Ji Hoon (1979)

    Kim Ji Hoon (1979)

  • Kim Jeong Yeong (1972)

    Kim Jeong Yeong (1972)

  • Lee Jae Goo (1965)

    Lee Jae Goo (1965)

  • Kim Yeong Jae (1975)

    Kim Yeong Jae (1975)

  • Na Yoon Hee

    Na Yoon Hee

  • Jeong Ye Nok (1998)

    Jeong Ye Nok (1998)

  • Lee Seung Joon (1981)

    Lee Seung Joon (1981)

  • Oh Yoo Jin (2000)

    Oh Yoo Jin (2000)



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