Tomorrow's Family

Tomorrow's Family

Ryo Onodera, played by Miyazaki, had a groom runaway on the wedding day four years ago. Her father, Tosaku (Matsushige) and her mother, Machiko (Matsuzaka), built a large two-family house to live with their daughter and her new family.

One day, Ryo says that she has been proposed to, Machiko is surprised to see that face. This is because Kotaro was a former subordinate of the workplace and was now her boss. Although she wants to congratulate her daughter's marriage, Machiko wonders if she can live with her boss. Where is the love between Ryo and Kotaro? Can the two get married? Can Ryo and Kotaro, Tosaku and Machiko become a family?

Director: Doi Nobuhiro [土井裕泰]
Country: Japanese
Status: Completed
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Miyazaki Aoi (1985)

    Miyazaki Aoi (1985)

  • Eita (1982)

    Eita (1982)

  • Matsuzaka Keiko (1952)

    Matsuzaka Keiko (1952)

  • Matsushige Yutaka (1963)

    Matsushige Yutaka (1963)

  • Tamura Kentaro (1986)

    Tamura Kentaro (1986)

  • Kondo Yoshimasa (1961)

    Kondo Yoshimasa (1961)

  • Shibuya Asuka (1988)

    Shibuya Asuka (1988)

  • Musaka Naomasa (1954)

    Musaka Naomasa (1954)

  • Ichiro Maki (1965)

    Ichiro Maki (1965)

  • Imai Tomohiko (1967)

    Imai Tomohiko (1967)