Touch (2020)

Touch (2020)

Cha Jung Hyeok was a popular make-up artist, who pursued perfection, but he is now in debt and unemployed. Han Soo Yeon has been a trainee to become an idol for 10 years. She takes part in an audition program to become an idol. A mysterious case causes Han Soo Yeon to get booted from the program. She then finds her new aptitude, which is a make-up artist. By chance, Han Soo Yeon meets Cha Jung Hyeok who is back as a make-up artist. She begins working as his assistant and they fall in love with each other.

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Yoon is a top actress who has a strong desire for success. Kang Do Jin is a popular actor.

Also Known As: 터치 / Teochi
Country: Korean
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Drama; Romance;
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Joo Sang Wook

    Joo Sang Wook

  • Kim Bo Ra (1995)

    Kim Bo Ra (1995)

  • Han Eun Jeong (1980)

    Han Eun Jeong (1980)

  • Lee Tae Hwan

    Lee Tae Hwan

  • Song Jae Hee (1979)

    Song Jae Hee (1979)

  • Kim Kwang Sik (1971)

    Kim Kwang Sik (1971)

  • Lee Sang Ah (1972)

    Lee Sang Ah (1972)

  • Yoon Hee Seok (1975)

    Yoon Hee Seok (1975)

  • Byeon Jeong Soo (1974)

    Byeon Jeong Soo (1974)

  • Lee Da Bin (Momoland) (1996)

    Lee Da Bin (Momoland) (1996)

  • Kim Hye Rim (Lime - Hello Venus) (1993)

    Kim Hye Rim (Lime - Hello Venus) (1993)

  • Ahn Se Bin (2013)

    Ahn Se Bin (2013)

  • Jeong Ji Yoon (1984)

    Jeong Ji Yoon (1984)

  • Kim Yeong Joon (1980)

    Kim Yeong Joon (1980)


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