Eccentric! Chef Moon

Eccentric! Chef Moon

Moon Seung Mo is a popular chef. Due to the sudden deaths of his parents by fire, he moves to Seoha Village. His peaceful daily life suddenly changes there with the sudden appearance of Yoo Yoo Jin.

Meanwhile, Yoo Yoo Jin is a world famous fashion designer. She works under the name of Yoo Bella. One day, she has a car accident. The car accident causes her to lose her memory completely and she ends up in Seoha Village. She acts very eccentric there and becomes a troublemaker. Due to her behavior, she picks up the nickname “Yoobyeolna”.

Also Known As: 유별나! 문셰프 / 제멋대로 바캉스 / Jemeosdaelo bakangseu / Yoobyeolna! Moonshefu / Spoiled Vacation / Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon / Oddball! Chef Moon / Vacation in My Own Way / Yoo Byul Na! Chef Moon / Unique! Chef Moon
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Eric Moon (1979)

    Eric Moon (1979)

  • Go Won Hee

    Go Won Hee

  • Cha Jeong Won (1989)

    Cha Jeong Won (1989)

  • Jang Jae Ho (1986)

    Jang Jae Ho (1986)

  • Ahn Nae Sang (1964)

    Ahn Nae Sang (1964)

  • Kil Hae Yeon (1964)

    Kil Hae Yeon (1964)

  • Choi Kwang Je (1985)

    Choi Kwang Je (1985)

  • Joo Jong Hyeok

    Joo Jong Hyeok

  • Lee Seung Yeon (1977)

    Lee Seung Yeon (1977)

  • Cha Chung Hwa

    Cha Chung Hwa

  • Song Yeong Jae (1965)

    Song Yeong Jae (1965)

  • Go Do Yeon

    Go Do Yeon

  • Lee Seo Hwan (1973)

    Lee Seo Hwan (1973)

  • Lee Seung Cheol (1950)

    Lee Seung Cheol (1950)

  • Song Ji Woo (1997)

    Song Ji Woo (1997)

  • Kim Jeong Hwa (1983)

    Kim Jeong Hwa (1983)


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