Unusual Men and Women

Unusual Men and Women

Explores love and friendship in a boardinghouse where a sundry group of people lives. There is a handsome son of a wealthy family. On paper, he’s perfect marriage material, but he’s actually never been in a romantic relationship. A golf instructor works at a gym whose Miss Korea-level beauty and easy-going attitude cause peoples’ heads to turn. A bright and bubbly character's presence lights up the show.

Director: Kim Seong Deok [김성덕]

Country: Korean
Status: Upcoming
Airs: Dec 31, 2020

Cast more

  • Park Han Byeol (1984)

    Park Han Byeol (1984)

  • Kim Jeong Hoon (1980)

    Kim Jeong Hoon (1980)

  • Park Jin Joo (1988)

    Park Jin Joo (1988)

  • Park Seon Yeong (Hyo Min - T-ara) (1989)

    Park Seon Yeong (Hyo Min - T-ara) (1989)

  • Shim Hyeong Tak (1978)

    Shim Hyeong Tak (1978)

  • Nam Woo Hyeon (1991)

    Nam Woo Hyeon (1991)

  • Kang Rae Yeon

    Kang Rae Yeon

  • Moon Seon Yong (1984)

    Moon Seon Yong (1984)

  • Kim Woo Rin (1988)

    Kim Woo Rin (1988)


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