Wanna Taste?

Wanna Taste?

It tells the story of Bae Yoo Ran, a successful woman who not only passes her husband, who is six years younger than her, to the law department of the most prestigious university, but also runs her own father-in-law's restaurant, which is failing, and silently supports her family.
Also Known As: 맛 좀 보실래요? / 맛 좀 보실래요 / Mat Jom Bosillaeyo / Would You Like a Taste?
Country: Korean
Status: Upcoming
Genres: Drama; Family;
Airs: Nov 11, 2019

Cast more

  • Seo Do Yeong (1981)

    Seo Do Yeong (1981)

  • Shim Yi Yeong (1980)

    Shim Yi Yeong (1980)

  • Han Ji Yeong (1978)

    Han Ji Yeong (1978)

  • Dok Go Young Jae (1953)

    Dok Go Young Jae (1953)

  • Im Chae Moo (1949)

    Im Chae Moo (1949)

  • Bang Eun Hee (1967)

    Bang Eun Hee (1967)

  • Choi Dae Hoon

    Choi Dae Hoon

  • Ahn Ji Hwan (1969)

    Ahn Ji Hwan (1969)

  • Hwang Bo Mi (1989)

    Hwang Bo Mi (1989)

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